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IDS' Mark Mackey Named MPA Housing Industry Icon

October 7, 2021

Since taking over as head of IDS in 2014, Mackey has solidified the firm’s reputation as the doc prep provider of choice for compliance-minded mortgage lenders who demand reality-based document preparation and mortgage closing services, document customization and superior customer service.
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Lenders can use closing technology as a bargaining chip: Improving time to close is a differentiator

September 2, 2021

Recent trends indicate that the mortgage market is beginning to see the end of the refinance boom and enter a purchase heavy market. This is not news, nor is the fact that even as refinance numbers and mortgage applications have decreased recently, there have still been record-breaking volumes. (Read More)

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Volume 7.2021

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-UCD Critical Edits Live, Audits Added to idsDoc
-RON and Adjusting to
the Reshuffling
-Adding and Editing Users

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