Implementation Team

Providing Accelerated, Efficient Implementation

While adhering to exceptional service standards, our implementation experts seek to provide new clients with the training, tools, and resources to craft a personalized workflow within idsDoc. For additional information regarding the implementation process, please see Ease of Setup.

Travis Carroll, Head of Implementation

Travis Carroll joined the IDS team in 2014, and has been highly recognized as a key contributor to the mortgage document industry since 2006. With a strong background in exercising product management and project management principles, Travis possesses a unique set of technical and service-oriented skills. As the Director of Implementation, Travis promotes a quality onboarding experience for new clients, and champions the delivery of a superior product to the marketplace.

Tobias Griffith, Implementation Specialist

Tobias Griffith began his career with IDS in 2014. For the first several years he excelled as an account manager, putting an emphasis on client and user relationships. This personal development of workflow communication and client growth caused Tobias to be recognized and promoted into the Implementation department. Since his promotion, Tobias has been the ace of the Implementation team, overseeing countless onboardings, projects and providing the clients of IDS with the knowledge they need to be successful.

Katie Means, Implementation Specialist

Katie Means started with IDS in 2016, and since then she has been instrumental in the growth of the company. Project management and client/user relationships are her forte, and she has developed a lasting business correspondence with many of the clients she has helped bring on board. Katie has authored multiple training documents that inform users how to navigate the idsDoc platform, and has conducted several training sessions to educate the user base. Her enthusiasm for life, and wanting others to succeed, helps Katie play a key role in IDS.

Bryan Butterfield, Implementation Specialist

Bryan Butterfield joined the IDS team in 2016. He quickly proved to be a valuable addition by stepping into an account management role for several large clients and demonstrating his leadership ability as a team lead on our Client Support team. With over 15 years of project management experience he displays exceptional problem solving skills, an ability to think outside the box, and exceptional customer service, which has been proven to be a valuable addition to the Implementation team. Bryan's strong work ethic and willingness to assist our clients has received high praise from clients and partners alike.

Beth Price, Implementation Specialist

Beth Price has been with IDS since 2012. Beth served as a team lead for our Client Support team, and received a promotion to Implementation in 2015. While fostering relationships with her clients is Beth's primary focus, she has also contributed to several large industry projects. Her depth of experience and willingness to help others has made Beth an important asset during the onboarding process.

Stephen Heine, Implementation Specialist

Stephen Heine accepted a position with IDS in 2018, and since then he has contributed immensely to the growth of IDS. He excels at managing client/user relationships, delivering effective problem-solving techniques, and overseeing internal and external projects. Stephen's problem solving and client expertise combined with an understanding of business operation management is a valuable asset to the IDS company as a whole, and an integral part of the Implementation department.

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